Privacy Policy
Motor Vehicle Policy

The school has a designated public parking area. Student drivers are advised to park in the area designated and to respect plant life. Vehicles are parked in the campus parking at the owners’ risk. Further, all students who drive must observe the following procedures: No parking is allowed in unauthorized areas of the campus. Loud music being played from vehicles is not tolerated.


It is the policy of BAJC to maintain an academic environment free of sexual harassment for students, faculty, and staff. It diminishes individual dignity and impedes equal opportunities and equal access to freedom of academic inquiry. Sexual harassment is a barrier to fulfilling the mission of the institution. Sexual harassment is also illegal. A claim under this policy may be brought by any student member based on the conduct of any faculty, staff or another fellow student. Sexual harassment can be a very serious matter having far-reaching effects on the lives and careers of individuals. Intentionally false accusations can have similar impact. Thus the charge of sexual harassment is not to be taken lightly by a charging party, an accused party, or any member. A person who knowingly and intentionally files a false complaint under this policy is subject to the Board’s discipline

Some examples of sexual harassment may include:
Pressure for a dating, romantic, or intimate relationship, Unwelcome touching, kissing, hugging, or massaging, repeated brushes against an individual’s body pressure for or forced sexual activity. Unnecessary references to parts of the body Remarks about a person's gender or sexual orientation Sexual innuendoes or humor Obscene gestures Sexual graffiti, pictures, or posters Sexually explicit profanity Stalking or cyberbullying E-mail and Internet use that violates this policy Stating or implying to an employee or student that sexual relations are a condition for grades or other favors Displayed offensive sexual graffiti, pictures, language, cartoons, or other materials Text messages, sexting, and repeated unappreciated telephone calls


COURSE LOAD To complete their program of studies within the specified time students must enroll for the entire program of studies offered for the semester. The completion of an Associate Degree must be take place within five years for a part time student. This requires enrolling for at least nine credits per semester. A part- time student wishing to move to full-time status must first receive the recommendation from Head of Department before it is endorsed by the Dean.

REGISTRATION Belize Adventist Junior College follows a two-semester system. After the application has been processed, a letter of acceptance is sent to all successful applicants. A registration day is scheduled before the beginning of every semester. A fee of $40.00 is charged for late registration. Official registration dates are stated in the acceptance letter and published in the student handbook . Registration is not finalized until all procedures and financial arrangements are completed. Students who do not receive registration approval on the specified date will not be allowed to attend classes. Heads of Department are available to assist students with registration and in planning an academic schedule. The head of a department is considered the primary advisor for students majoring in programs offered by the department. Other faculty members may be assigned as advisors by the head of department. All registering documents, completed in triplicate must be submitted to the admission office.

ATTENDANCE Class attendance is regarded as an obligation as well as a privilege and all students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled regularly and punctually. Failure to do so will jeopardize the students scholastic standing and may lead to dismissal from college. The equivalence of three unexcused absences from a particular course, whether consecutive or not, shall be deemed as ground for dropping the student from the course.

Records of class attendance are kept by the faculty. Students who miss an instructional experience are expected to meet with the class instructor to discuss their absences as soon as possible. Except for emergencies, the student should make arrangements with his/ her teachers prior to any absence. When an accumulation of absence reaches the point of endangering a student’s academic status, the teacher will report this situation to the student and the Dean. Academic Absences include class and major field trips while Special activity absences include fundraising, SCS trip, field days, and chapel sessions. Faculty who wish to have an event sanctioned for official absence status must submit the names of all students, including date and hours absent from campus, to the dean no later than one week prior to the date of the activity. The dean will review and approve/ deny the request as appropriate and inform the faculty of the request. After the activity the teacher responsible will report to the staff the names of students who actually attended that activity. When an official absence occurs, faculty members must allow the students to make up the work missed. Serious illness or family emergencies may be verified by administration but are not considered official absence. Illnesses that will be verified are those involving hospitalization or serious injury. When a serious illness or emergency has been verified, each instructor should assist the student in making up missed work. Faculty members should specify the appropriate time frame for making up missed work. Unapproved absence should not exceed one class hour for each credit hour of the class. Unapproved absence beyond this number may subject the student to failure in the course. All students must attend chapel sessions. Attendance will be marked at every chapel session. If a student is absent because of illness, he/she must present a medical certificate to justify his/her absence. Each student is entitled to one (1) justifiable absence. Any other chapel absence is equivalent to one hour of community service on campus. Failure to comply within the specified time (one week) will result in the hours being added to the 30 hours of community service requirement for graduation. Any student who is fifteen (15) minutes late for a class session is considered absent. Three (3) lates is equal to one (1) absence.

Dropping/Adding a class A student who wishes to drop or add a course after initial registration is expected to consult with his/her course instructor and secure approval on a Drop/Add Form before an official change can be made by the Registrar.  Such changes must be made in accordance with the School Calendar. (Students wishing to drop a class or withdraw after this time should refer to the Withdrawal section in this catalog.)

WITHDRAWAL A student who elects to withdraw from a course or from the College is expected to consult with his/her instructors and Dean.  To withdraw officially from the College, a student must complete a Drop/Add Form which is available through the secretary. The form must be signed by the student and the student's instructors.  The student should then submit the Drop/Add Form to the Secretary and a copy to the Bursar.  Students must officially withdraw from a course prior to the twelve day period of an 18 week semester (or equivalent days for courses of other duration) in order to receive a WP/WF on the semester report; otherwise an F will appear on the semester report.